IsThicc Software Service Contract

Last updated: February 6 2021

By using any IsThicc infrastructure(Servers, Website hosting, Discord bot hosting, etc.) you agree with these terms. In any event that you do not agree with these terms, your infrastructure access may be revoked. IsThicc reserves the right to change these terms at any point with or without notice.

- You agree that you will never attempt to bypass our server protections, gain access to restricted areas, do harm to our systems, or use your service for any not approved use.
- You agree and recognize that at any time a member of the IsThicc Board of Operations may look at the files you have provided. IsThicc may deny or ask you to modify these files should we detect something we do not approve of.
- We value your privacy. We expect you to provide a list of sensitive documents/files that you are hosting with us. We also expect you to provide us with the name of a member on the IsThicc Board of Operations that is allowed to view these documents/files.
- If your service has a Discord Guild we require a webhook url in the channel of your choosing. This webhook must be dedicated to IsThicc. If you do not use Discord we require a current email address to contact you. If either methods become inaccessible we will try to contact you within a week of the discovery. If you fail to provide a new form of communication(webhook or email) we will terminate your use of the IsThicc infrastructure.

The IsThicc Board of Operations reserves the right to modify these terms at any point. Should you disagree with any terms above you must notify the IsThicc Board of Operations immediately!

Approved by the IsThicc Board of Operations, February 6 2021.