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About Us

We are IsThicc.

At IsThicc we want to keep everything simple. We have two main goals. Speed, and satisfaction. We want to get you the best product in a fraction of the time of the big corporations. A year ago - we only had one service. Now, we still have that service, and more!

Our Values

What IsThicc is all about


We want our services to be available to everyone, to fit their needs. We have multiple services that may be able to suit your needs.


Our goal is to get you a product that is perfect for your needs. If it is not, we have a 3 day refund policy.


We want your needs to be fufilled quickly. This is what seperates us from the big corporations, while they take days to respond to support, we take minutes to hours.

Happy Clients


Hours Of Support

Hard Workers


What makes IsThicc different from everyone else?



Multiple Options.

Fast Support.

Dedicated Staff.

Satisfactful Products.


Services owned and/or operated by IsThicc


Given away or purchased via our web UI. Can be used to purchase addons on any of our services.

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Minecraft Prison Server.

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Doge Bot

A Misc. Discord Bot.

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Bois Bot

A multi-function discord bot.

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Providing you an authentic SMP experience (Minecraft).

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IsThicc Software

Us! Providing high quality software for your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach IsThicc management via our email '[email protected]'.

You can view all our services on our Discord! A new page is coming soon!

It's a long story, let's just say it's a sort of inside joke.

Currently we have our pricing hidden! If you need any help with pricing or our services please contact our support on our Discord! Other forms of communication are coming!

Lead Team

The IsThicc Leads


Owner and Board of Operations Member


Owner and Board of Operations Member


Board of Operations Member


Department Lead (Development)


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